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Introducing spectraMax™

Vision Dental Ceramics Latest Zirconia With Exceptional Translucency!


 This is a highly translucent , fully biocompatible isostatic zirconia.

At 600 moa it is much stronger than lithium disilicate (E.max) but has the same translucency!

It is therefore particularly stronger for the anterior tooth region but can be used anywhere in the mouth.

We can do single crowns, inlays, onlays and bridges with a maximum of 3 units.


We are happy to tell you that we have recently required new milling and scanning equipment here at Vision Dental Ceramics LTD

With this we are able to produce work quickly and efficiently.

Because of this we are able to pass our savings our savings onto you.

This benefits you because we are able to offer you an extremely competitive price of £95 per unit.

This is top quality efficiently produced work that is not cheap to find anywhere else.

 Try us for your spectraMax™ Zirconia to see our high quality work .

You will not want to use anyone else so please take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFER.

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